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Startup Harbor

Our vision is to strengthen the economic ties between startup ecosystems in Germany and China through startup pitch competitions and other accelerator programs. With our project StartupHarbor.China, we organize delegation trips to China to connect young entrepreneurs and startup ecosystems builders and explore new markets and sustainable business opportunities in Asia.


In the international innovaion Ecosystem, startups are given the opportunity to present their products and ideas, including automated matching with investors, partners and customers.

Public organisations:

In addition, public organisations and industry institutes have the opportunity to make presentations to showcasing their services,policies and requests for procurements and projects.


Companies can inform themselves about innovative inspiration,international Technology trend,as well as potential solution partners and contact them directly via the platform.

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Industry focus of our startups

We bring together Chinese and German enterprisers, entrepreneurs and investors to create a startup ecosystem for innovation to thrive.

Our products:

Delegation Trip

We organize several delegation trips to china, which will meet the interest of different delegates, such as procurement and purchasing, contract manufacturing, business partnerships, sales and so on. Through the trip, you can:

  • Explore the startup ecosystem
  • Understand how to find reliable partners in China
  • Join StartupHarbor network

City Gallery

  • Suzhou
  • Taicang
  • T.b.d.

Consulting Service

  • Market Research
  • Business Strategy
  • Outsourcing Consultancy
  • HR Services
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Financial Service

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